About Myself

connor and II work hard as a highly creative Communication Designer & Client-side Developer who has a passion for innovative projects, analytical thinking, new technology, and problem solving. I have a proven ability in time and priority management, implementing HTML, CSS and Javascript, and concepting designs. I bring over 5 years of experience with design software (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.), working on deadlines and performing under pressure, and understanding the project scope and deliverables.

I believe when people interact with technology they are looking for a connection just as we look for connection with the people. I love all things that are usability, information architecture, content strategy, typography, organizations, planning, and research.

I fight browser wars where graceful degradation is my mission, CSS3 is my super power, and IE 6/7 are my nemesis.┬áMy favourite thing to do is to listen to people talk about their experiences, thoughts and ideas. I love the opportunity to travel. So when someone says ‘conference‘ I usually get pretty gitty just thinking about it.